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I, Andis Kaulins of Germany & the USA, am not knowingly related to Andis Kaulins domiciled in China or Andis Kaulins domiciled in the Baltic, although I do have relatives in Latvia. Our oldest family birth records write Kaulins as "Kaulin". Collins in English may be a common distantly related differently spelled surname.
The blood line of the British monarchy traces back to the broader family of the early Anglo-Saxon Wessex king Ceawlin viz. Ceaulin. Ceaulin was the 2nd Bretwalda ("ruler of Britain").
The Indo-European word root *wal- and its variant forms mean "to rule": e.g. my mother's name was Valda. Wikipedia:
"When the line of Ceol finally became extinct, first Caedwalla of Wessex and then Ine of Wessex became king; both great-grandsons of Cuthwine. Egbert of Wessex, ancestor of the later Kings of England, descends from Ine's brother and hence also from Cuthwine [the son of Ceawlin, grandson of Cynric, son of Cerdic, the first of the Saxons to come across the sea from Germany]." Given modern genetics and new knowledge about DNA, mtDNA and haplotypes, we all know today, of course, that if you go back far enough in time, everyone is related to everyone else, so that unexpected distant relations should surprise no one.

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My Most Recent Book
Ancient Signs
The Alphabet
& The Origins of Writing

Ancient Signs

is a print & ebook,
which shows that
modern alphabets are products of ancient alphabets
that themselves are derived
from even more ancient
syllabic scripts
as found in
Sumer, Egypt, Persia (Elam), Anatolia, Crete, and Cyprus.

and Scholars:
The Decipherment
of the Megaliths

(2003 softcover)
(2006 hardcover)

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What is Success?

What makes one Successful?

A Matter of Judgment

Mentors make Success

Judgment by Others: Popular Success

What we call success is generally a judgment by others. Whether we are successful or not depends on how others see us. To be a successful movie star or pop singer, for example, other people have to like our acting or our singing. Similarly, it is not sufficient for a painter to think that he is a great painter. His fellows have to view the art as great. Logically, no one becomes the head of a large corporation without strong support from within the organization. Lastly, heads of countries are chosen for office or enabled to power by the people.

Your own Judgment: Personal Success

Many kinds of success in life are not a matter of popularity. Rather, they are self-determined. These personal successes are often the most gratifying types of success, because we ourselves set our goals and we ourselves determine how and if we fulfill them. If we choose to get a university education and graduate as planned, we have achieved personal success. If we decide to save money to buy a particular product we desire, we are happy when we achieve our personal objective. If we decide to settle down and raise a family, we are our own best judges of how well we are doing as parents - that can be success! Of course, we may also get applause from others along the way, but the main motivation is our own judgment of our own personal well-being and happiness. In other words, "success" is by no means limited to money, power or fame; it also includes achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

Standard Popular Success

Most people want to have a better job, have more money and be more respected in their comumunity. Is the answer brains? or hard work? In part, both, for sure. But studies show that the best way to move forward in the world of success is to find the people who can enable you to get there. Studies show that nearly 50 percent of all Nobel-Prize winners studied under previous Nobel Prize winners. As studies of successful people indicate, the best way to become successful is to have an already successful mentor. One has to "learn the ropes" from a master to get the necessary experience, skills and personal connections one needs for success. Talent alone is not sufficient. For success in society, you have to be integrated into the world of other people. Mentors are therefore critical. Even world-class professional athletes retain personal coaches or trainers to keep them on top of their fields. Who is your personal coach?

The Reclusive Genius
It is also possible to be successful by being a reclusive genius far from the madding crowd, doing his or her own thing in the certainty that what is being done will lead to success. However, as Robert Frost wrote, this is the much harder road and should and can only be traveled by the best of the best of us. Ordinary humans should stick to society and its rules, or one will otherwise be ground under by the world. We all know the story of the starving artist. Make sure you know you are in fact a Picasso - or get a good job - and a good mentor.


What is Success good for?

Give Thanks for Success

Success also brings Obligations

No one makes it alone without family & friends

What is success and what does it really mean? Success grants many privileges to its attainer. But there is no such thing as success without responsibility. Someone who thinks that fame, power or money, once attained, mean a life of ease and relaxation, is mistaken. Fame requires that you give honor to that public which has made and makes you famous. Power requires that you serve those who put you into office and those who maintain you in your position of power. Money requires that you not only save, secure and manage your wealth but also make it grow -- and spread the wealth to those who help you get it.

Our path to success is marked by many people. Give thanks to those who help you on your way and do not forget them once you reach your goal. If you do not do so, you will not have developed the personal character necessary to truly be successful, and you will very likely lose what you have worked so hard to obtain.
People can excuse almost every kind of behavior - but thanklessness and ingratitude are seldom forgiven. These are not words you want to attach to your person. Give thanks for what you have and give thanks to those who enabled your success along the way.

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