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I, Andis Kaulins of Germany & the USA, am not knowingly related to Andis Kaulins domiciled in China or Andis Kaulins domiciled in the Baltic, although I do have relatives in Latvia. Our oldest family birth records write Kaulins as "Kaulin". Collins in English may be a common distantly related differently spelled surname.
The blood line of the British monarchy traces back to the broader family of the early Anglo-Saxon Wessex king Ceawlin viz. Ceaulin. Ceaulin was the 2nd Bretwalda ("ruler of Britain").
The Indo-European word root *wal- and its variant forms mean "to rule": e.g. my mother's name was Valda. Wikipedia:
"When the line of Ceol finally became extinct, first Caedwalla of Wessex and then Ine of Wessex became king; both great-grandsons of Cuthwine. Egbert of Wessex, ancestor of the later Kings of England, descends from Ine's brother and hence also from Cuthwine [the son of Ceawlin, grandson of Cynric, son of Cerdic, the first of the Saxons to come across the sea from Germany]." Given modern genetics and new knowledge about DNA, mtDNA and haplotypes, we all know today, of course, that if you go back far enough in time, everyone is related to everyone else, so that unexpected distant relations should surprise no one.

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Andis Kaulins

Andis Kaulins

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My Most Recent Book
Ancient Signs
The Alphabet
& The Origins of Writing

Ancient Signs

is a print & ebook,
which shows that
modern alphabets are products of ancient alphabets
that themselves are derived
from even more ancient
syllabic scripts
as found in
Sumer, Egypt, Persia (Elam), Anatolia, Crete, and Cyprus.

and Scholars:
The Decipherment
of the Megaliths

(2003 softcover)
(2006 hardcover)

stars stones scholars

Andis Kaulins
Grandparents PŪTELIS, Aunt, Mother

Selected Highlighs of Andis Kaulins

 and BERTA
PŪTELIS, nee Spole,
in Riga, Latvia, 1935.
(both deceased in Lincoln, Nebraska)
photographed together
with their daughters
Lincoln, Nebraska)
my mother, at age 11
(right middle, deceased,
Lincoln, Nebraska)

The Date and Location of this photograph are certain
since these are written clearly on the back of the photo.

Vilis Putelis Family Berta Lucija Valda Vilis 1935

was born in Kārsava (Karsava), Latvia.

My aunt, LUCIJA ("Lucy")
PŪTELIS, was born in
Ikšķile (Ikskile, German Üxküll), Latvia (see below).

BERTA PŪTELIS, maiden name Berta SPOLE,
my mother's mother,
was born in
Ikšķile (Ikskile, German Üxküll), Latvia,
District of Riga, across the Daugava River from Daugmale.

Üxküll is described in the Wikipedia as follows:

"Ikšķile German: Uexküll; Livonian: Ikškilā) is a town in Latvia, the administrative centre of Ikšķile municipality. It was the first capital of the catholic bishopric of Livonia, known by the German name of Üxküll. Saint Meinhard, known from the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia, was the first bishop of Üxküll. In 1197 Berthold of Hanover, a Cistercian abbot of Loccum, was made the second bishop of Üxküll. Those days the town was the center of the upcoming crusading activities in the Livonian area. Bishop Berthold moved the episcopal see to Riga, but was killed by the Livs in battle. Ikšķile is one of the oldest Latvian populated counties, which can be seen by an ancient burial ground in today's rural areas of Ikšķile. The coast by the Daugava river has held a Livonian village on this site as far back as the 9th - 12th century. The word Ikšķile (or the German Uexküll) comes from the meaning of (Finno-Ugrian) Livonian word ükskül (üksküla in Estonian). Ükskül (üks = one, kül = village) means simply just "village number one", or "the first [German] village"."

VILIS PŪTELIS, my mother's father,
was born in Daugmale, Latvia,
earlier integrated into the District of Riga,
but modernly integrated into into Ķekava municipality.

Daugmale is significant for the study of Latvian prehistory
See e.g. See Jēkabs Ozols, Daugmales pilskalna vikinga attēls,
Latvijas senatnei (Stockholm, 1979), pp. 9-19.
[Summary, pp. 18-19:
Die Wikingerfigur von Daugmale (Dünhof)
The Viking Figure of Daugmale.]

Daugmale also serves as evidence
of an early megalithic culture also in Latvia
because of Daugmales Pilskalns (Daugmale Castle Mound),
which was called "Burgberg" in German in the modern era.

Archaeological evidence at Daugmale
goes back at least into the 2nd millennium B.C.
and, according to my analysis,
the Daugmale Castle Mound dates back to ca. 3000 B.C.
See my astronomical decipherment
of the Daugmale Castle Mound.

From 1817 to 1917 Daugmale was part of a larger parish
that included the private manors of
Brambergshof ("the = Old Liv Manor")
and Dünhof (Duenhof),
("the new Liv Manor"),
  at that time assigned administratively to Bauska District,
Province of Courland (viz. Kurland, Latvian Kurzeme).
See Entry 865, Daugmales pagasta valde (Rīgas apriņķis)
where it is written:
"Līves-Bramberģes (Djungof-Brambergskoje, Dünhof-Brambergshof)
pagasta valde (Bauskas apriņķis, Kurzemes guberņa)

Brambergshof is easy to find in records,
but not so the other half of the appellation
where we found
Līves includes
"The Old Liv Manor" and the "New Liv Manor",
and where German Bixtensee = Veclīves muiža
i.e. "the Old Liv Manor".

See in this regard the Baltisches Historisches Ortslexikon 2.: Lettland
edited by Hand Feldmann, Heinz von Zurfühlen, where it is written:

"Daugmales pag. [see] Gem. Brambergshof"

[Latvian] Bramberģe    K/Bk
A. Krg 40 km nö Mitau, an der Düna. 182 ha Hofld, 891 ha Bauerl; 6 Ges. -- 1) Gesch.: Von Hzg. Gotthard dem S. Roemer verlehnt. 1753 fürstl. Gut. -- 2) Bes.: Seit 1795 Krone. -- 3) Pol.: b. 1753 pKsp Baldohn, c. 1912 Gem. Brambergshof, 1938 Gem. Dünhof, Kr. Riga. -- 4) Kirche: Ev.-luth. Baldohn 11 km. -- 6) Name: 1753 Brambergshoff, früher auch Masseldorf; 1912 l. Pakasmuischa. B. Gem. (1942), l. Daugmales pag., mit den Gütern Brambergshof und Dünhof u. Bixtensee. 1938 Kr. Riga.
ABl. 42; Bnst. 406/82; Gernet V, 33; HupK 42/133.

Bixtensee, l. [Latvian] Veclīve  K/Bk
Bg zum Rg Dünhof und Bixtensee, 2,5 km sw (1912). Gem. Dünhof (1938 Kr. Riga). -- Gesch.: 1638 Pixtensee mit Dünhof, soll bei Erbteilung der Fam. Bolschwing im Gesamthandrecht bleiben. Bixtensee ist zunächst Hauptgut, 1826 Bh. Bes.: 1638-1714 Fam. v. Bolschwing, 1714 Andr. Reinh. v. Krummes. Lit. vgl. Dünhof und Bixtensee.

Dünhof und Bixtensee, l.
Jaunlīve u. Veclīve K/Bk
Rg 3 km sw Bhf Uexküll, an der Düna. 1313 ha Hofld; 1 Bg, 27 Ges. - 1) Gesch.: 1630 ist Dünhof im Bes. der Fam. Bolschwing, vermutl. ident. mit einem 1560 erwähnten Hof an der Düna, den Balthasar v. Neuhoff gen. v. d. Ley von einem Blomberg erwirbt. Bixtensee ist schon im 16. Jh. mit Dünhof in einer Hand. -- 1700 wird D. von Kosaken geplündert. -- 2) Bes.: Anf. der 17. Jhs. bis ca. 1710 Fam. v. Bolschwing. Zuletzt Fam. Gericke. -- 3) Pol.: a. OM-Geb. Rodenpois, b. 1753 pKsp Baldohn, 1912 Eckau, c. 1912 Gem. Dünhof, 1942 Gem. Brambergshof, Kr. Riga. -- 4) Kirche: Ev.-luth. Baldohn 13 km. -- 5) Aptz: Bg Bixtensee. -- 6) Name: 1912 Jaun- und Wez-Lihwe.
BAD; Bnst. 406/83; DsdK 147; Gernet V, 33; HupK -/134; KGC II, 94 ff.; Pir. III, 45; Schr. I, 33, 35 f.; Sl.

See also generally Daugmales pagasts (Daugmale parish).

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