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I, Andis Kaulins of Germany & the USA, am not knowingly related to Andis Kaulins domiciled in China or Andis Kaulins domiciled in the Baltic, although I do have relatives in Latvia. Our oldest family birth records write Kaulins as "Kaulin". Collins in English may be a common distantly related differently spelled surname.
The blood line of the British monarchy traces back to the broader family of the early Anglo-Saxon Wessex king Ceawlin viz. Ceaulin. Ceaulin was the 2nd Bretwalda ("ruler of Britain").
The Indo-European word root *wal- and its variant forms mean "to rule": e.g. my mother's name was Valda. Wikipedia:
"When the line of Ceol finally became extinct, first Caedwalla of Wessex and then Ine of Wessex became king; both great-grandsons of Cuthwine. Egbert of Wessex, ancestor of the later Kings of England, descends from Ine's brother and hence also from Cuthwine [the son of Ceawlin, grandson of Cynric, son of Cerdic, the first of the Saxons to come across the sea from Germany]." Given modern genetics and new knowledge about DNA, mtDNA and haplotypes, we all know today, of course, that if you go back far enough in time, everyone is related to everyone else, so that unexpected distant relations should surprise no one.

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Andis Kaulins

Andis Kaulins

Law Pundit  and Golf
Golf Champion
at 61 3/4

My Most Recent Book
Ancient Signs
The Alphabet
& The Origins of Writing

Ancient Signs

is a print & ebook,
which shows that
modern alphabets are products of ancient alphabets
that themselves are derived
from even more ancient
syllabic scripts
as found in
Sumer, Egypt, Persia (Elam), Anatolia, Crete, and Cyprus.

and Scholars:
The Decipherment
of the Megaliths

(2003 softcover)
(2006 hardcover)

stars stones scholars

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1935, Riga, Latvia - my Grandparents Vilis and Berta Putelis,
together with daughters Valda Antonija, my mother at age 11,
and her older sister
Lucija (my late Aunt Lucy).
Grandparents Putelis and daughters in the year 1935

Valda Putelis 1935

1945, Christmas, Wetzlar, Germany
Valda Antonija Putelis, later Valda Kaulins
My mother at age 21.
Valda Antonija Putelis at age 21

Valda Putelis 1945

1946, Germany - Valda Putelis and Arvids Kaulins
My parents as a couple prior to my birth.
Valda Putelis and Arvids Kaulins 1946

Arvids Kaulins Valda Putelis

1956/63, Lincoln, Nebraska - Valda and Arvids Kaulins.
My parents as a couple ready to go out.
This is the period of my junior high and senior high school days.

Valda and Arvids Kaulins 1956/63

Andis Kaulins Parents

1965-1968, Lincoln, University of Nebrasa - Andis Kaulins.
I majored in "pre-law" via English and Political Science.
After graduation, I went to Law School at Stanford University.

Andis Kaulins University of Nebraska 1964-1968

Andis Kaulins Nebraska

1968-1971, Palo Alto, California, Stanford University Law School - Andis Kaulins.
In spite of induction into military service after the first semester of law school,
I graduated with my entering class by later taking a heavy course load.

Andis Kaulins University of Stanford Law School 1968-1971

Andis Kaulins Stanford

1969, San Diego, California, United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot. - Andis Kaulins.
I was drafted out of law school into the Marines, where I was Platoon Honorman, Company Honor Man, received the Dress Blues Award and obtained a perfect score on the military GCT intelligence test.

Andis Kaulins Marines 1969

Andis Kaulins Marines

Summer 1970 and 1971-1974, New York City, New York - Andis Kaulins. After graduation from Stanford Law School, I was an associate in corporate law with the large New York City law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. All three of the ladies on the current U.S. Supreme Court (2013) were in their early careers summer associates at Paul, Weiss et al., which I still regard to be the best law firm in the country.
Andis Kaulins New York City 1971-1974

Andis Kaulins New York

1974-1979, Kiel, Germany - Andis Kaulins.
I took a position as a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Kiel, Institute für Ostrecht, in Kiel, Germany, planning to return to law in New York City after a year, but wound up staying in Europe.
From 1979-1994 in Kiel, Darmstadt, Bonn Bad-Godesberg, and Göttingen,
I was a manager and consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, authoring books in my spare time.

Andis Kaulins Kiel and Darmstadt 1974-1982

Andis Kaulins Kiel

1994-1997, Göttingen, Germany - Andis Kaulins - Computer Consultant.
1996, on the French Riviera, at a software conference - Andis Kaulins.
Andis Kaulins French Riviera 1996

Andis Kaulins French Riviera

1998-2003, Traben-Trarbach, Germany - Andis Kaulins.
Lecturer, FFA, International Law Faculty, University of Trier Law School;

2001-2013, Freelance Author co-authoring up to the present
the Langenscheidt Routledge German-English English-German
Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance
now in its 4th edition and with an Android app at Google Play.

Lecturer, University of Trier Law School 1998-2003

Andis Kaulins Trier Law School

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B.A. University of Nebraska; J.D. Stanford University Law School
Former Lecturer in Anglo-American Law, FFA, Trier Law School
Alumnus Associate of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, NYC

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