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I, Andis Kaulins of Germany & the USA, am not knowingly related to Andis Kaulins domiciled in China or Andis Kaulins domiciled in the Baltic, although I do have relatives in Latvia. Our oldest family birth records write Kaulins as "Kaulin". Collins in English may be a common distantly related differently spelled surname.
The blood line of the British monarchy traces back to the broader family of the early Anglo-Saxon Wessex king Ceawlin viz. Ceaulin. Ceaulin was the 2nd Bretwalda ("ruler of Britain").
The Indo-European word root *wal- and its variant forms mean "to rule": e.g. my mother's name was Valda. Wikipedia:
"When the line of Ceol finally became extinct, first Caedwalla of Wessex and then Ine of Wessex became king; both great-grandsons of Cuthwine. Egbert of Wessex, ancestor of the later Kings of England, descends from Ine's brother and hence also from Cuthwine [the son of Ceawlin, grandson of Cynric, son of Cerdic, the first of the Saxons to come across the sea from Germany]." Given modern genetics and new knowledge about DNA, mtDNA and haplotypes, we all know today, of course, that if you go back far enough in time, everyone is related to everyone else, so that unexpected distant relations should surprise no one.

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Andis Kaulins

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My Most Recent Book
Ancient Signs
The Alphabet
& The Origins of Writing

Ancient Signs

is a print & ebook,
which shows that
modern alphabets are products of ancient alphabets
that themselves are derived
from even more ancient
syllabic scripts
as found in
Sumer, Egypt, Persia (Elam), Anatolia, Crete, and Cyprus.

and Scholars:
The Decipherment
of the Megaliths

(2003 softcover)
(2006 hardcover)

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Universities and Andis Kaulins

No ranks, No titles

University Affiliations of Andis Kaulins

Professors are Limited Specialists

University of Nebraska 1964-68 - B.A. (Bachelor of Arts), majors in English and Political Science (pre-law).

Stanford University Law School 1968-1971 - J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence). Teaching Assistant, Criminal Law. Book Editor and Assitant for the late Professor John Kaplan.

University of Nebraska Law School 1972 - Project on Appellate Court Delay (a project with the Nebraska Supreme Court).

Arizona State University Law School 1973 - Project on Law Enforcement Policy and Rulemaking (writing Model Rules of Procedure for the police departments of ca. 25 major US cities).

University of Kiel 1974-1979 - Visiting Fellow, Law, Institut für Ostrecht. Baltic. Russia. Divided Nations. Latvian Supreme Court decisions 1918-1940.

University of Trier Law School, FFA International Law Faculty, 1998-2003 - teaching Anglo-American Law, Legal Research, and Legal Writing to ca. 200 students per semester, with up to 20 student assistants.

I was offered a university professorship at age 24 and turned it down because I thought I did not know enough yet and needed to learn more. I have kept learning and am not so impressed by what we know, but by what we do not know -- and I continue to be amazed by academicians thinking we know so much that it blinds them to the evidence available showing that we know less than we "profess".

I have been in too many university environments to have anything other than a very sceptical view of academia and academics. Life is a lifelong process of learning. Academics is only a small part of that process. There we learn circumscribed, specialized knowledge taught to us by specialists knowledgeable in the small niche of their profession.

Each person in academia should of course be given due respect for the work which has been invested in an academic career and for the academic achievements attained, but the holders of academic titles should be aware that certain fields of knowledge involve areas of study for which no ranks and no titles exist and for which no courses of studies are or can be offered. The area of "decipherment" falls into this category.

One of the Best in the World

The Ancient Sculpted Art

Decipherment of Ancient Records

Before Writing there was Scultping

I consider myself to be one of the best in the world at what I do, which is decipherment work. I am taking and explaining things which millions of men and women and thousands of scholars and experts before me did not explain and were not capable of explaining. I am pointing e.g. to megaliths - seen prior to me by millions of people - and I am showing the obvious of what they have missed.

My field includes the vast discipline of prehistory and I show conclusively that ancient man could write - but he did not write as we do - he wrote in pictures. Sculptures on earth and in stone were his medium and figures in relief were his message. Ancient man was far more advanced than mainstream scholars have thought. 

The Ancient Sculpted Art was an art that went back thousands of years prior to what we normally call "the invention of writing". For many years, the mainstream scientists - enclosed in their world of print - made a cut-off at about 3000 BC claiming that we knew nothing about our ancestors prior to this date, since man could not write until the days of the Sumerians and Pharaohs. Everything prior to that date was allegedly "lost".

But this view was seriously in error. Men had been sculpting and shaping the world around them for millennia before the invention of writing. They had left us many messages, which thus far we have ignored, and which I am resurrecting.

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The owner and webmaster of is Andis Kaulins
B.A. University of Nebraska; J.D. Stanford University Law School
Former Lecturer in Anglo-American Law, FFA, Trier Law School
Alumnus Associate of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, NYC

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